About Mission Lazarus

Mission Lazarus is transforming lives in developing nations through development programs that target four areas specifically; medicine, education, agriculture, and spiritual growth.

Mission Lazarus is intentional about planning, organizing, and establishing ministries in our areas of outreach that promote local leadership development, local community involvement, local community investment, and local community transformation.

Mission Lazarus operates medical clinics that focus on three primary areas: 1. Chronic illnesses and diseases management, 2. Women’s health initiatives, and 3. Sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment.

Mission Lazarus operates two primary education objectives, 1.  Early Childhood Education that focuses on at risk children in vulnerable communities in Honduras and Haiti and 2. Vocational Training that focuses on at risk youth in rural and isolated villages that do not have access to other education opportunities or opportunities for employment. 

Mission Lazarus operates a nearly 2000 acre working ranch producing beef, milk, coffee, vegetables and an incredible learning environment where the children from the Mission Lazarus Refuge children’s home are able to learn responsibility, trust, and that they can make a difference in this world.

Mission Lazarus operates the Refuge, a facility comprised of eight, 2000 square foot homes, that provide a family environment for children who’ve been placed with us by the Honduras government.  The Refuge is focused on the individual child with a commitment to no more than five children per every caregiver at any time.  This home provides an incredible environment for children to chase their dreams and to be the amazing future of Honduras. 

Mission Lazarus believes in economic development as a means to provide for the legacy of a Christian family.  With this in mind the Social Enterprise program was born that provides dignified wages to coffee workers and leather artisans who’s products are then retailed in gifts shops in Honduras and in the US.  This income is shaping the hopes and the dreams of the Social Enterprise employees who now, for perhaps the first time in their lives, are able to provide for their family’s needs.

Mission Lazarus emphasizes excellence in all of these areas in order for them to be an accurate reflection of the unconditional love that Christ has for all of us.  These areas of outreach serve as tools that allow us to build relationships so that we can start conversations in which we’re able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Planting and growing churches is Mission Lazarus.  Mission Lazarus has planted over 25 churches in southern Honduras since 2001.