Update on Reina Rios

Over the past 30 days Reina Rios has been in a battle for her life.  Due to a motorcycle accident that took the life of her husband and preacher Wilfredo, she has suffered severe injuries that have required many trips to the operating room.  Her injuries included a severely broken arm, broken finger, shattered knee, shattered femur (in 9 places) and head trauma that has caused nerve damage primarily affecting her right eye. 

Reina's son Josias reading scripture to encourage his mom.

After being transfer from the public hospital to the Honduras Medical Center Reina’s condition immediately began to stabilize and improve.  She almost immediately underwent surgeries to clean the debris and bone fragments from her leg where her femur was shattered.  It then became apparent that she would need a bone graft, a transplant of bone from a cadaver, that would allow the femur to heal and be strong again. 

The doctors then performed surgeries on her right hand to re-set her broken finger using plates and screws. This was followed by surgery on her left arm to repair the severely broken bone, again requiring plates and screws. 

 This past week Reina’s body was free of infection and finally ready for what will hopefully be her last surgery, to transplant the new bone into her body.  A group of Mission Lazarus staff traveled to visit Reina the morning of her surgery, to encourage and pray with her.  I (Jarrod) was able to speak with Reina by phone just before her surgery and she was in great spirits and so thankful to God for the treatment that He’d provided her in the private hospital. 

 The surgery was long and hard, lasting 7 hours, but the surgeons feel that it was a  success.  Now it is a waiting game to see if Reina’s body will accept or reject the bone. 

X-Ray of Femur after the surgeryThe entire medical team taking care of Reina in the hospital is astounded at her speed of recovery.  They cannot explain it.  As a matter of fact there is even talk of her going home sometime this week.  Obviously this is not the end of the road for her treatment.  She will still have the massive external fixator on her leg consisting of large bolts protruding from her body attached externally to other metal that work to stabilize each individual piece of shattered bone. 

Everyone at Mission Lazarus, especially Reina and her two boys, are forever grateful for the outpouring of support from folks across the United States.  Together we’ve been important pieces in the miracle of healing that God has done for Reina.  The funds to cover Reina’s treatment, and, just as important, the prayers for her recovery have been incredible. 

Reina and her boys Josias and Nehemias

Today we ask you to continue to pray for Reina’s total healing, both physical and emotional, as she and her boys mourn the loss of their husband and father. 


Our goal is to raise $75,000 towards Reina's medical expenses.

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More Surprises: Reina has a broken arm

We just got word from Honduras that while doing a more thorough physical examination of Reina doctors discovered that she also has a broken left arm, specifically the ulna bone, that has previously been undiagnosed at the Public Hospital.  We're very thankful that Reina is getting quality care in the private hospital but we're sad to know that this fracture will also require surgery to repair.  Currently plans are being made for surgery on Thursday.  At the same time they'll operate on a broken finger on her right hand.  Please continue to pray for Reina's complete healing.  


Reina's Treatment and Recovery Begin

September 8 Morning Update:

This news was just recieved from Honduras.  Reina just underwent another surgery and more tissue of her thigh continues to die.  We need urgent prayers for Reina's body to fight, for her leg to survive, so that she will not lose her leg.  The surgeon also reports that the damaged knee, previously thought to be able to survive, will not survive and that her knee will have to be fused.  A prosthetic knee is not an option in Honduras.  We ask you to pray specifically for Reina's knee to heal and to amaze the surgeons.  We ask you to pray for Reina's tissue to heal and that no more will have to be removed.  We aks you to pray for Reina's leg to survive the incredible trauma that it has been through. 


On Friday, September 5, at the Honduras Medical Center, Reina was stable enough to have surgery again after receiving blood transfusions.  When they opened up her leg, they found a lot of infected tissue, both muscle and bone tissue that had already died. 

The surgeons had to remove 37% of her vastus lateralis muscle (this is the main muscle of your "quads" or your thigh muscle) that had died.  There were also several different pieces of bone from her femur that had died, her femur is fractured into 9 fragments and it was some of those that had to be removed.

Due to the extent of the dead bone fragments that had to be removed Reina will need a bone transplant.  Human bone from a cadaver will be collected and processed and then this bone will be grafted onto her healthy bone.  

Another huge challenge is that at the end of the femur, where it inserts into the knee, there are two condyles, and one is crushed in three fragments that are in the process of dying (see diagram below).  These fragments all need to survive --- according to the surgeon it is possible that "bathing" the bone fragments with blood will allow them to get the oxygen and nutrients they need to recuperate rather than actually die.  It is the medial condyle that is in three fragments and is dying, and the lateral condyle is intact.  We need people to pray that the medial condyle fragments will recover, rather than die.


After the surgery Reina had to be transfused with another unit of blood because she did have blood loss.  Reina will be undergoing more surgeries over the next few days to continue to remove dead tissue and bone fragments as well as to irrigate the bones that are struggling to survive.  

One good piece of news is that neurologically Reina is ok.  We were unsure of the extent of her head trauma when she was at the public hospital.  Reina has now had a CTA exam and over all the trauma to her head is not as extensive as we first feared. Her third cranial nerve has been damaged and this is what is preventing her from opening her right eye.  The neurologist believes that this can recover over a period of months and she will need rehab for that.  

Please continue to pray for Reina’s healing.  She is still at great risk of a severe bone infection.  Daily cultures of her infection are being taken in order to fight it effectively.  A sever bone infection can be life threatening, especially when your injuries are as severe as Reinas.

Also, please continue to spread the word about the support needed for Reina.  As of this morning we’re raised a total of $20,540.  Our goal is $75,000. 

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Reina Transfered to the Honduras Medical Center

On Thursday, September 5, Reina was moved to a private hospital where she'll be able to receive adequate and competent care. The initial assessment by the attending physicians is that we need to plan to cover medical expenses that will probably reach $75,000 over the next few months. Support that started coming in on Sunday, August 31, has been overwhelming, and it was this outpouring of financial support that allowed us to make the decision to go ahead and transfer Reina.

We still have a ways to go for covering Reina's medical expenses.  You can helping by making an online DONATION now.  



Rios Family Update

I arrived in Honduras this past Sunday, one day after learning of brother Wilfredo’s tragic death.  Upon arrival we drove straight to the village of Los Colorados for the funeral.  It appeared as if a dignitary had died, the road was lined with cars and trucks, the church was packed with people and the grounds of the church were covered with people as well.  Truly a testimony to the way that Wilfredo and Reina ministered to everyone around them.image

Monday was spent navigating the justice system of a town in a developing nation.  After spending a great deal of time at the Transit Police Headquarters we were sent away to the District Attorney’s office.  Here we waited, literally, for two hours for the attorney handling the case for the government to meet with us.  Once we were in his office he was very helpful.  We were allowed to review the file and learn more about the findings of how the accident occurred. 

A bus heading northeast on the Pan American highway came upon a motorcycle parked on the right side of the road.  Without any warning this motorcycle decided to make a U-turn, and he did so right in front of the bus.  The bus, in an attempt to miss this motorcycle swerved into oncoming traffic, hitting the motorcycle that Wilfredo and Reina were riding, head on.  There was no time to react.  Wilfredo was killed instantly and it’s a miracle that Reina is even alive.  A court date, to determine fault, has been set for September 30. 

The current situation for the Rios family is critical.  Yesterday I traveled to the capital of Honduras with Wilfredo and Reina’s two sons, Josias and Nehemias, so that they could see their mom.  This also provided me a chance to visit her inside the small and overloaded main government hospital. 

Reina’s situation is critical.  Details of her condition and pictures of her wounds and xrays have been reviewed by medical professionals in the US.  If we don’t act soon to provide Reina with better treatment we are putting her life at great risk.  

Currently Reina is out of a coma but heavily sedated.  Her head trauma is severe but the doctors, poorly trained and without an incentive to try, don’t know what the reality is.  Her face is not swollen however her right eye will not open.  They’re not sure why.  Her left eye will open but her eyeball goes all over the place.  Reina is able to communicate for brief periods and then returns to a condition that appears like she’s drunk.

Reina has a severely broken left leg.  The bone is snapped and severely splintered just below her knee.  She has an external fixator in place.  The wound constantly oozes blood and liquid.  Her bed sheets were saturated around her leg.  Her right hand is broken but doctors are not doing anything about that at this time due to the severity of the other injuries. 

Reina is on the 5th floor of this public hospital.  A stairway, only three feet wide, is how you come up and down from her room.  Her room, only about 10 feet by 16 feet is shared with two other beds and two other women. 

The hospital is not like in the US where a nurse or hospital staff waits on you and takes care of all of your needs.  Somebody must be with Reina everyday to help take care of her.  There is no chair, much less a bed or bathroom, for this helper to be able to get comfortable.  There is no hospital food court.  There are vendors on the street outside of the hospital. 

Doctors have told us that Reina could expect to be in the hospital at a minimum of two months and that could be extended up to four months.  They said she’ll have to have a number of surgeries on her leg.  And, they’re just waiting to see about her brain.  She’s yet to seen or treated by the neurologist.

Mission Lazarus is committed to this family.  Reina needs to be moved to a private hospital immediately to ensure that she received quality treatment. In the short term we don’t know what surprise medical expenses we’ll need to take care of, until she’s in an appropriate facility her life is at risk. For us to transfer Reina we need your financial support.  

Jarrod Brown.


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