Educational Outreach

Your $30 monthly sponsorship to ML Haiti: Educational Program allows us to grow our ministry in Haiti. Please read below for more information.

It is through education that a developing nation makes the transition to become a developed nation. In the same way, it is through education that a new Christian learns how to bring others to Christ. Mission Lazarus is working to implement an approach used with great success in Honduras for primary education in Haiti.

The Early Childhood Development Center, or ECDC, not only provide an excellence in education, but also a safe Christian environment, as well as healthy meals for all students.   An empty stomach, apart from the obvious nutritional challenges, can equal an inability to focus, concentrate and learn

Many poor families in Haiti feel that their only option to be able to provide for their child is to place them in an orphanage.  In fact, according to the Director of Child Protective Services in Haiti (IBESR) 80% of children living in orphanages do in fact have living parents.

The education programs that Mission Lazarus is supporting in Haiti work to not only provide education, but food for hungry bellies as well.  Allowing many families to stay together and providing parents with hope for their entire family!


Lalomas school is near the larger town of St. Michel only about 90 miles from Port au Prince but over a 4 ½ hour drive.  Currently Mission Lazarus is providing supplemental support for this school and feeding center that serves over 100 children and is the only educational opportunity within miles.