Partners & Sponsors

Check out our sister organizations, to whom we’d like to express our deepest gratitude for the help they've given and for their inspirational example. And a big thanks to our corporate sponsors, whose sponsorship of programs as well as gifts in kind play a big part in making the work of Mission Lazarus possible.




Corporate Sponsors
Richie’s Pharmacy: “Richie’s Pharmacy is a proud supporter of Mission Lazarus and other medical efforts throughout the world. We believe that giving back to those that need medical help is not only a tremendous benefit to the giver emotionally, but it is also a responsibility. We are honored to be partners in the efforts in Honduras.” —Richie Ray, R.Ph. President/CEO Mike Hayes & Associates: Thanks for donating design expertise for the Mission Lazarus Refuge children’s home. Service Drywall & Decorating: Thanks for providing bookkeeping services free of charge.